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Updated 13 Aug 2007

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Released: Aug 13, 2007
Updated: Aug 13, 2007 by valenumr
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Release Notes

Fixed some behavior issues.
- Insert row not displaying properly when selecting a row, should work now
- Issues where viewstate enabled behaved differently than viewstate disabled.
- Ensure that SelectedDataKey (and by extenstion, SelectedValue) is always correct, regardless of data ordering changes.
- Fixed issues when the SelectedRow's index changes, without really changing the selected row (wierd, I know).
- Made sure SelectedIndexChanged gets called when appropriate (like SelectedRow disappears).
- Fixed Issue with UpdatePanel in a template field, they shouldn't cause exceptions now (removed and readded exception).
- Now, FilterRow and InsertRow values are cleared when any postback related to a gridview command occurs.
- This is on my todo list to fix.

Added ability to forcibly clear the selected row (ClearSelection())

Added a batch update mode.
- This doesn't support OldValuesParameters (i.e. optimistic concurrency only).
- If used with viewstate disabled, having control's postback from inside a row in batch edit mode can cause an exception if the rowcount changes in the underlying data... on the todo list.
- always updates all visible rows as seperate transactions.
- an exception raised by a single update can be handled to allow the batch to continue.
- OnBatchUpdated is raised in the above case (with the Exception), and upon completion of the update (with Exception = null).

Added BatchEditTemplate to the ExtendedTemplateField.
- Allows for different content in Batch Edit Mode vs. Single Row Edit Mode.
- Defaults to Edit Template if no Batch Edit Template is available (this is different than the FilterTemplate, which defaults to no content).

Added BatchUpdateDataSourceView (internal) class
- Uses the gridview's DataSourceView to do the batch updates

Added a customizable command row.
- This allows for automatically adding buttons to switch to batch update mode, save or cancel when in batch update mode.
- Allows for raising a generic GridViewRowNew event (New Button) that does nothing.
- It also has a content template to add custom content to the command row. Currently the buttons are always displayed on the right.

Added CommandRowSettingsClass
- for above

Updated the ExtendedCommandField to support all above changes.

Added some Css / Style stuff to support the new rows.

Reorganized the code file structure.
- Single class per file
- Moved Delegates and EventArgs into their own files (under /Delegates and /EventArgs)
- Moved DataControlButtons to their own files (under /Internal)
- Moved Constants into their own "new" classes (under /Constants)
- Added ExtendedDataControlCommands, includes: "BatchEdit", "BatchUpdate", "Filter"
- Added ExtendedDataControlRowState, includes: Filter (0x18) and BatchUpdate (0x24)
- Added ExtendedDataControlRowTypes, includes: CommandRow (0x10)
- Added ExtendedDataControlCellTypes, includes: CommandCell(0x10)

Added a really simple demonstration page to show most features.
- requires AjaxExtensions to be installed
- uses a simple access db file, so completely self contained.
- unzip and add as existing web project to demo

Probably more, but I forget, and I apologize for the initial release being rubbish. I should have checked it out better.

Eventually, I'll build an assembly, just don't have access to my real Visual Studio at present, only VWD express.

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